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You have seen me in the news handling high profile cases and fighting hard for my clients.  Your case will be handled with that same dedication.
There is something in my nature that makes me fight hard for what I believe in.  

"What I believe in most is JUSTICE FOR MY CLIENTS!!"



Fights For His OWN Right To Fight and Wins!

It all starts at home for Norman Steiner, who has fought for the rights of many, from parents who need to protect their children to folks expressing their First Amendment right to his own fight against discrimination.
Norman, who lost a large portion of his left leg during a motorcycle accident almost 10 years ago, is now suing USA Boxing Inc. for not allowing him to fight at Gleason's Monthly Boxing Series because of his disability. 
Martino told Steiner over the phone, "And if I let you fight then what? I have to let a double amputee fight also?" the lawsuit says. 
 "So what? If the double amputee can box, let him box too," fired back Steiner's attorney Robert Tolchin.
Steiner told the Daily News "The staff at Gleason's have been fully supportive of me. They are outraged by what USA Boxing is doing."

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Norman Steiner Trains For His 1st Amateur Fight

Protecting PARENTS' Rights!

When Nephra & Shanel Payne realized that their children were being sexually abused in foster care, they took matters into their own hands, what good parent wouldn't? The state called it kidnapping, but Norm called it what it was, good parenting, and with his expert legal work, the courts agreed.  
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Nephra & Shanel Payne in court.

Judge Threatens Contempt For Honesty - Charges Dismissed

When a Judge Threatens Jail for a Citizen Who Appeared for Jury Duty and Simply Told the Truth, Norm Steiner Get's all Charges Dismissed. Read more here.
"After yesterday's hearing, his lawyer, Norman Steiner, said he thought Judge Wetzel was misapplying the criminal contempt statute. The law, Mr. Steiner said, is intended to penalize people who intentionally disrupt a courtroom by, for example, chanting or throwing things during a proceeding. "This isn't contempt," he said. "This is an angry judge."


Bloody sneakers are new clue in co-ed’s J’Ouvert festival slay

The man accused of murdering a college student during Brooklyn’s J’Ouvert festival in 2016 may have just caught a break — thanks to a pair of bloody sneakers discovered in an old evidence box and his attorney, Norman Steiner. Read more about it here.

Norman Steiner with defendant Regenald Moise.

Building Owner Wrongly Charged With Murder

Norm Steiner represents Building Owner Wrongfully Charged With Murder in a Tragic Trench Collapse.  Norm Brings Unique Order To Show Cause in Order to Have Certain Charges Read to The Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury Does Not Indict for Murder. Read more here.
 “He is extremely remorseful,” said his lawyer, Norman Steiner. “He was the first to go down into that hole in what turned out tragically to be a failed rescue attempt."

Mr. Steiner called the prosecution a public relations ploy.

“If the city put as much energy into inspecting the jobs properly as they do into rallying the support of the press and shifting liability off themselves, perhaps we wouldn’t be here today,” Mr. Steiner said on Wednesday outside the courtroom. “An architect designed the job. Engineers designed the job. Plans were filed.”


'Serial spitter' acquitted of jail charges

Post-Star reporter Don Lehman wrote that the man “known around the region as the felon who keeps spitting on his lawyers” was “an intelligent, well-studied man and he is a better writer than many lawyers whose work I see.”
“I meet with him all the time. I sit a foot across from him. I have no fear of him. I don’t think he’s ever going to spit on me,” Steiner told the Post. Read more here.

Tyson Poulos wearing the "spit shield" in court.

Tyson Poulos wearing the "spit shield" at a court appearance in 2016.

Rape charge against accused 'black Hitler' dropped

Defense lawyer Norman Steiner insists the 22-year-old victim trumped up the accusations because Gamble had threatened to out her as a prostitute to her parents in a bid to get her to quit the business.

“The vindication of Mr Gamble has begun,” said Steiner. “When this is all over you’ll be calling him black Jesus not black Hitler.” Read more here.

A judge dropped a rape charge against Sherman Gamble.

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